About Us

At KK Sportscards, we revolutionize the card grading experience. As a leading group submission service in the U.S., handling both PSA and SGC submissions, no collection is too big or small for us. From individual enthusiasts to bulk collectors, we streamline the process, sparing you the cost of annual memberships.

Expertise meets care in our approach: every card, from drop-off to shipment, is treated with the utmost respect and security. Our facility ensures your treasures are insured, photographed for verification, and monitored around the clock. Plus, with our innovative API system, you’re always in the loop about your card’s journey.

We’re more than a submission service; we’re a community of collectors. Our team, passionate about every card’s story, ensures transparent communication and flexible payment options. Want to maximize your cards’ value? Choose to consign with us on Whatnot or Goldin Auctions – we make it seamless.

Embrace the full spectrum of card collecting with us. From grading to breaks, from vintage treasures to the latest packs, KK Sportscards is your gateway to the thrilling world of sports cards.

Check us out on the @WhatNot app under @kksportscards, @kkconsignment, and @kkcardvault.