1. Create an account and select your desired service level and quantity of cards that you are submitting.
  2. Print out your order form and mail in/drop off the form with your cards.
  3. We will notify you when your cards are received by kksportscards and we will upload photos of your cards into your account.
  4. You will get text/email updates of the status of your order, and the status will be available in your account.
  5. You will get invoiced when your order is complete. Once paid, you will be available to view your grades in your account.
  6. You will be notified when your cards are ready for pickup, shipment back to you, or consigned!


Submission Shipping Address: PO Box 16315 Clearwater, FL 33766


– What is a personal order?

50+ cards all going the same service level.

2 – How to determine the max declared value per card?

We recommend using sold Ebay listings of the card as a PSA 10. If your card goes over the max declared value for the service level you chose, PSA will upcharge you. SGC will only upcharge on vintage cards over $1,500 in value.

3 – What is an upcharge?

If your card exceeds the maximum declared value for that service level, PSA will upcharge you based on how much the card is worth graded. This upcharge is additional to your grading fee.

4 – Fastest service level?

PSA Super Express- $330 per card.

5 – What is dual service?

Dual service pertains to grading a card AND an autograph on the card. This service pertains to certified, factory issued autographs ONLY. We do not authenticate in person autographs. Sticker autographs are acceptable.

6 – Do we offer crossover?

No. We only offer card grading. If you send a card for anything other than card grading, you will be responsible for returning shipping back to you.

7 – Do we take jumbo or oversized cards?

No. We only offer card grading. If you send a card for anything other than card grading, you will be responsible for returning shipping back to you.

8 – Do we take pokemon, yugioh or garbage pail kids?

Yes, we accept most trading cards (TCG) – both PSA and SGC accept most of these cards.

9 – Cracking?

We will crack cards out of a graded holder for resubmission for $5 per card. This must be requested and noted in your package. Payment for the cracking fee is due up front upon processing your order.

10 – Will we crack out cards being sent back to you?

If a card receives a grade you are not happy with, we will NOT crack your card out of the holder. All cards will be returned in the grading company’s holder.

11 – Evaluation?

Evaluation is an additional service and must be requested on your order form. We will pull out anything we think will not grade well (lower than an 8). The $3 evaluation fee is due upfront before the service is performed. Evaluation is strictly our opinion of the card and will never be guaranteed. It is nonrefundable and non transferable regardless of if you are happy with the grade it receives or not. By adding evaluation to your order you are agreeing to that. You pay return shipping costs on any rejects. Rejects are shipped back every 2-3 weeks and will not be held until your order returns. We do not clean, alter or restore your cards.

12 – How do I ship?

Please watch the video that will walk you through step by step how to ship your package.

13 – Can I ship multiple service levels in the same package?

Yes, please see the step by step video on how to package your order.

14 – When is payment due?

Your card on file will be charged automatically when the order populates at PSA and is done. Grades will NOT be released until payment is made. If your card declines, you have a 3 day grace period to make your payment in full. If payment is not made in full you will be charged a late fee of 5% of your order each week payment is not made. Late payments will result in delayed shipment. You have 30 calendar days to make payment in full. After 30 days your cards are forfeited and will be sold to cover your balance. If the order is sold anTrd still does not cover your outstanding balance, any orders still out will be sold as well until your balance is cleared. If payment is not made and your order is sold, you will be banned from submitting with Kksportscards.

15 – Insurance?

You have the option to add insurance when sending your order to Kksportscards and when your order is being shipped back to you. Insurance is an additional $3 per $100 worth of insurance. You will have 3 days to add insurance once you are charged and your order is done. Insurance is personal preference and based solely on your discretion.

16 – Tracking?

We will return your order using USPS. If your order is a personal order or international, Fedex may be used. Tracking can be found in your Kksportscards account once the label is created.

17 – Do we accept international packages?

We only accept from and ship packages going to CANADA. If your package is being returned to Canada, you are responsible for any and all additional international shipping costs as well as any custom fees.

18 – How do we tell duplicates apart?

Once your cards are processed, they will be logged into our system using your reference number line by line. They get sent to PSA in the same order we receive them in and return in the same order. Each card is tracked line by line.